AST 403 Course Notes

  This page gives you access to course notes. These will be supplemental to the lectures - there won't be complete notes to each lecture. Accordingly, the notes are listed by topic. Many of the stellar course notes are provided by Jeremy Goodman and Bohdan Paczynski.

 Astronomical terms and constants

 General Thermodynamic Considerations

 Ionization and the Saha Equation

 Equations of Stellar Structure

 Stars in Hydrostatic Equilbrium

 Stellar Timescales

 Dynamical Stability of Spherical Stars


 Thermal Stability of Low Mass Stars

 Fully Convective Stars: The Hayashi Limit

 Equation of State

 The physics of fusion in stars

 Stellar Nucleosynthesis

 Nuclear Reaction Rates

 Solar Neutrinos

 Helioseismology I: The wave mechanics of solar sound

 Helioseismology II: Probing the Solar Interior


 Numerical Integration

 Eddington model for High Mass Stars

 Mass-Luminosity Relationship for Massive Stars

 Radiative Transfer

 Red Giants

 Stellar Magnetohydrodynamics

 Radial Stellar Pulsations

 One-Zone Model for Shell Flashes

 Radiative and Convective Envelopes

 Spherical Winds, Spherical Accretion

 Accretion Disks

 White Dwarfs

 Neutron Stars and Black Holes

 Gamma Ray Bursts

 Protostars and Planets