AST 541 - Fall 2012

Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics: Star Formation

Schedule of Presentations

September 18

Introduction and Logistics    Eve Ostriker

September 25

Primordial star formation      Simone Ferraro    presentation

October 2

Giant molecular clouds -- structure and turbulent properties    Sasha Philippov  presentation
Giant molecular clouds -- microphysics      Brandon Hensley  presentation

October 9

Low-mass prestellar and protostellar cores  -- formation and structure  Chelsea Huang    presentation

Collapse of low-mass cores (Part I)    Andrea Kulier  presentation

October 16

Collapse of low-mass cores (Part II)    Emmanuel Schaan presentation

Protostars and pre-main sequence stellar evolution    Jose Garmilla presentation

October 23

T Tauri systems -- radiation diagnostics    Joel Zinn presentation
Winds, jets, and outflows from Young Stellar Objects     Ai-Lei Sun presentation

October 30: No class -- Fall Recess

November 6

Protostellar disks -- accretion processes (Part I)    Wendy Ju presentation

Protostellar disks -- accretion processes (Part II)    Sudhir Raskutti presentation

November 13

Binary star formation (Part I)    Alex Howe presentation

Binary star formation (Part II)   Mary Anne Peters presentation

November 20

Protostellar disks -- gas/grain dynamics (Part I)    Konstantin Bochkarev  presentation

Protostellar disks -- gas/grain dynamics (Part II)    Chris White presentation

November 27

Planet formation -- overview in the star formation context    Munan Gong presentation

Disk clearing around low-mass stars    Kedron Silsbee presentation

December 4

The Initial Mass Function     Elisa Chisari presentation

Star cluster formation    Colin Hill presentation

December 11

High-mass star formation    Yanfei Jiang presentation

Destruction of GMCs  Cristobal Petrovich presentation

January 15

Star formation on galactic scales  
Petchara Pattarakijwanich presentation