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  1. Introduction
  2. Size of the Universe
    1. Purpose
    2. Introductory Background
    3. Scaling Activity Introduction
    4. Mapping the Classroom Activity
    5. Mapping the Earth-Moon System Activity
    6. Mapping the Solar System and Nearest Star
    7. And Beyond!
    8. Mapping in Time Introduction
    9. Finite Wave Speed Activity
    10. Mapping in Time Activity
    11. Scaling in Density Introduction
    12. Scaling in Density Activity
    13. Basis for Distance Measurement
    14. Parallax Background
    15. Parallax Activity
    16. Another Parallax Activity
    17. Other Resources for Parallax
    18. Red Shift Background
    19. Everyday Doppler Shift Activity
    20. A Basic Red Shift Activity
    21. Galactic Brightness Background
    22. Galactic Brightness Activity
    23. First Supernova Background
  3. The Expanding Universe
    1. Purpose
    2. Historical Background on Expansion
    3. Debate Activity
    4. Contemporary Expansion Background
    5. Mapping the Expansion Activity
    6. Building the Expansion Activity
    7. Building the Expansion Activity II
    8. Stretching Radiation Activity
    9. Supernova Background
    10. Supernova Lab
    11. Supernova Lab Online
  4. The Shape of the Universe
    1. Purpose
    2. Introduction
    3. Measuring the Earth's Curvature: Background
    4. Measuring the Earth's Curvature: Activity
    5. Measuring the Earth's Curvature: Activity II
    6. Curvature of the Universe: Background
    7. Curvature of the Universe: Activity
    8. Curvature of the Universe: Activity II
    9. Additional Information and Activities
  5. Other Resources
    1. Pictures
    2. Web Sites
  6. Works Consulted
    1. Books and Articles
    2. Web Sites

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