The Ancient of Days, by William Blake (1794)

Research Interests

My main astronomical interests are in the processes of star and planet formation, in the dynamics and thermodynamics of the interstellar medium, and in the structure and evolution of spiral galaxies. I have studied, among other issues, binary star formation; protostellar disk accretion and disk-protoplanet interactions; dust settling in proto-planet-forming disks; formation and structure of protostellar jets, winds, and outflows; structure, kinematics, and evolution of turbulent molecular clouds; galactic-scale origins of star-forming clouds; causes and effects of turbulence in the diffuse interstellar medium; development of spiral-arm spurs; and the global regulation of star formation.

I am also interested in aspects of astrophysical hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics that have cross-cutting application in many astronomical systems, including the phenomenon of MHD turbulence, and the physics of magnetized accretion disks and winds.

My research focus is theoretical, with technical work involving both analytic and numerical solution of hydro- and MHD flow problems to model astrophysical systems, and development of detailed observational diagnostics from these models.

Selected Research Projects:

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