Publications on Turbulent Molecular Clouds

Pointers to journal and review articles archived online:

  • Analysis of Clumps in Molecular Cloud Models: Mass Spectrum, Shapes, Alignment, and Rotation
  • Spectral Properties of Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence from Numerical Simulations
  • Developing Diagnostics of Molecular Clouds Using Numerical MHD Simulations
  • Density, Velocity, and Magnetic Field Structure in Turbulent Molecular Cloud Models
  • Compressible MHD Turbulence: Implications for Molecular Cloud and Star Formation
  • Kinetic and Structural Evolution of Self-gravitating, Magnetized Clouds: 2.5-Dimensional Simulations of Decaying Turbulence
  • Dissipation in compressible MHD turbulence
  • Can Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Waves Support a Self-gravitating Cloud?
  • Conference papers available as postscript files:

  • The Evolution of Self-Gravitating, Magnetized, Turbulent Clouds: Numerical Experiments
  • Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Star Formation

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