Infrared Emission from the Silicate-Graphite-PAH Dust Model

Draine & Li (2007) have updated the Silicate-Graphite-PAH Model for interstellar dust, with modifications to the adopted C_abs(lambda) for PAH material. Infrared emission spectra have been calculated for dust grains heated by starlight with various intensities and distributions of intensities. The emission spectra have also been convolved with the IRAS, COBE-DIRBE, and SST-IRAC, SST-MIPS, SST-IRS (blue and red peak-up) photometric bands.

The spectra from Draine & Li (2007) are available here as text files: DL07 dust models.

The organization of the data (all plain ascii text files) is explained in README.txt.

You can also download a gzipped tarfile of the entire directory: DL07spec.tgz (3.9 MB).


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