A collection of graphics stills from a variety of past research projects:

  1. Cooling curves for M dwarfs, Brown dwarfs, and EGPs
  2. Cooling curves of Extrasolar Giant Planets (EGPs)
  3. Spectrum of a 5 Jupiter mass planet
  4. Bestiary of Giant planets
  5. Composition profiles in substellar atmospheres
  6. Composition boundaries in substellar atmospheres
  7. Hayashi track for a one Jupiter mass object near a 1 solar mass star
  8. Protoneutron star convection
  9. Gravitational wave spectrum of multi-dimensional supernova
  10. Early stages in a supernova explosion
  11. Before and after shots of asymmetric supernova explosion
  12. Many-body corrections to differential neutrino/matter scattering rates

A Heritage Gallery of Brown Dwarf and Extrasolar Giant Planet (EGP) Figures