Popular Media Articles and Interviews

Shedding Light on Dark Matter by Karen Green, NCSA

How Do We Know Our Universe Is Very Near to the “Critical Density”?, Interview of the Week, DayStar

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Missing Matter a Gas, by Kenneth Chang, ABCNews.com, June 9, 1998

Researchers team up on out-of-this world film for planetarium opening, by Melissa Mitchell. UIUC News Bureau, February 1, 2000

Star Light, Star Bright, by Michael Schneider. NSCA Online, November 17, 1997

Time Line of the Universe, The New York Times on the web.

A model of cosmic evolution.

Wending Through Time, a Cosmic Web, by James Glanz. The New York Times on the Web, August 14, 2001

Dark Energy Fills The Cosmos Science Daily, May 26, 1999

A younger, lighter, stranger cosmos, by Alan Boyle. MSNBC News, May 25, 1999.

Mysterious Dark Matter, NCSA online Science Expo, Science for the Millennium

Astronomers find evidence of missing matter, by Ron Cowen, Science News Online, May 13, 2000


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