Subject: GRB981226 APO3.5m 12/27

From: elt@astro.Princeton.EDU

Submitted: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 18:20:02 -0500 (EST)

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As per our phone conversation, please use the majority of the PU01 time
and, if necessary, a small amount of the UC01 time, to obtain deep I-band
images of the field specified in the attached message.  As you noted, it
is probably possible to start slightly before twilight in I-band, especially
given the moonlight conditions.  A few deep images with small offsets (a few
arc secs) between them would be ideal.  Please make these images available
for anon ftp in some place and notify all the cc recipients of this message
of the location.

If possible, also grab a quick exposure or two (r'-band has priority) of
the primary lens monitoring targetr (2237).  However, we should try to
minimize impact on UC01, so od not do 2237 if this will carry us into UC01
time significantly.

Telescope time for these observations should be accounted to PU01, not DD01.

Many thanks!


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>Subject: GRB 981226
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>Prof. Ed Turner,
>The object that called my attention is about
>114 arcsec west and 65 arcsec south from the
>x-ray position (the second mailing: 352.40, -23.93)
>This roughly translates to: 23:29:27.7  -23:56:53  (J2000)
>It is 5 arcsec in NNE direction from faint galaxy clearly
>visible on my images and DSS plates.
>I checked the DSS plates. On first generation plate
>there is nothing. On second generation plate I can see
>barely couple pixels above average, however it is burried
>in noise and way fainter in comparision with other objects
>than what I see in my frames.
>It seemed to fade away last night as it was setting.
>It is very important to check if it is not an effect of seeing
>degradation (although there was not much of that) and growing
>background (moon). There is still some possibility that
>it is a very faint galaxy.
>Please let me know how this goes.

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