Subject: DIS slitviewer, etc.


Submitted: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:54:31 -0700

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To DIS users,

1. A new version of the slitview program has been installed at APO for use
with the DIS slitviewer. Two main changes:

  - the new version supports 24-bit TrueColor displays as well as the
previously supported 8-bit PseudoColor displays. Please note that if you
use slitview with a 24-bit display, image display will be noticeably
slower (3x as much data is coming across!), so if using an 8-bit display
does not present problems, you might want to continue with it (you
can still use the new software version). If you do use a 24-bit display,
a bit of patience might be called for, especially after you move or
resize the display window.

   This version has been in operation (as newview) for several months, but
as of today, it has been renamed as slitview (also duplicated as newview).
If for any reason the old slitview is needed, it is available as oldview.
The current slitview/newview differs very slightly from the newview version
running the last couple of months in that the default image display
size will come up as 256x256 (i.e. sampled by 2, which is the same as
how the old slitview came up) instead of the full resolution 512x512;
the sampled images come up faster!  If the speed is not an issue for you
(e.g.  if you are working on site), you can resize the display manually
(again, be patient after this operation) and subsequent images will come
up at full resolution.

 - the new version has the option of proving offsets for use either with
Remark or TUI; there is a sign convention difference between the
two. By default, offsets will be reported for the Remark convention. If
you use the +TUI command, offsets will be reported for TUI use as well. 
+REMARK/-REMARK turns on/off the display of Remark offsets,
+TUI/-TUI turns on/off display of TUI offsets.

  Hopefully these modifications will make your observing more efficient.
If there are any problems/questions, please report them to me at

  We do hope at some point in the future to incorporate the slit viewer
functionality into the TUI interface.

2. Related, there is now a new version of the xlamps command which provides
graphical control of the DIS calibration lamps that works on 24-bit displays.
This can be run from the visitor account on tycho.

Jon Holtzman

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