Subject: New official version of Remark

From: Russet McMillan

Submitted: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:14:21 -0600 (MDT)

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Hello all,

With the installation of the new, more sensitive slitviewer for the
echelle, Remark 2.85b will now be the official version.  Earlier
versions will not be able to run the echelle slitviewer properly.  In
addition to the slitviewer upgrade, this version of Remark also fixes
one important older bug that affects other instruments.  So it should
be installed on all observing computers, regardless of whether or not
the computer will be used for echelle work.

Here's how to get Remark 2.85b:

1) Use Fetch on your Mac to connect to Host,
   Username anonymous, your email for password, Directory pub/src .

2) Get the file Remark2.85b.sea.bin .  Your desktop is a good place to
   put it.  Once you have this file, you can exit Fetch.

3) Click on the Remark2.85b.sea.bin icon, and choose Extract.  Again,
   the desktop is a good destination.  It may want to replace your
   History file and some others.  Let it replace any file it likes.
   Depending on which version you're upgrading from, your various
   windows may show up in new places at first, but if you adjust them
   and then observe normally, it should remember the desired setup

4) Start up Remark 2.85b and connect with it (preferably during the
   daytim) to make sure it works.  Phone or email the observatory
   first to find out if it's okay to connect right now.  Failed
   connections can sometimes cause problems at the APO end, so this
   shouldn't be done while someone else is observing.

5) With Remark running, set your time zone by going to the top menu
   bar under Edit -- Set Time Zone.  Choose your time zone from the
   menu and make sure Daylight Savings is checked.  After you press OK
   in this dialog box, look at your computer's clock and make sure
   it's correct.  If not, send email to and
   we'll help you work it out.

6) Once you've confirmed that Remark 2.85b will start up and connect,
   you can move the sea.bin file and any earlier versions of Remark to
   the trash.


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