Subject: APO 3.5m Community Discussions at Seattle AAS Meeting

From: Ed Turner

Submitted: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:06:28 -0500 (EST)

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MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT:  APO 3.5m plans, ARC community discussions at 
the Jan AAS meeting in Seattle.

All members of the ARC and APO 3.5m user community are invited to attend
either or both of two discussions which will be held at the January AAS
meeting in Seattle, Washington.  These meetings will focus on two planning
issues for the 3.5m which are described below, with emphasis on the first
of the two.  The second will be dealt with at additional future
opportunities as well, but these January discussions will be the primary
opportunity for the general ARC community to consider the first one. 
These meetings will be in a spirit similar to those held a year ago 
in Washington DC.

First, at a rather brisk pace (roughly by the end of January), we must
set priorities for the use of CIF (projects) funds for the coming 2-3
calendar years.  In essence this will probably mean choosing between a
set of very attractive instrumentation options and telescope improvement
projects, all of which it would be very sensible to undertake but not all
of which we can afford simultaneously.

Second, on a somewhat more deliberate schedule, we need to continue discussing
a definite strategic plan for the telescope which will determine our goals
on a 5-10 year time scale. 

I will attempt to lead both meetings off with a short presentation of some 
of the issues and options before us, but the large majority of the available
time will be devoted to group discussion.  If anyone else would like to make
a brief presentation, please let me know.

Both meetings will be held in the Douglas Room at the Sheraton Hotel 
(next to where the AAS meeting is) at 5-7 pm on both Mon, January 6 and Tues,
January 7.  There may well be some overlap in content between the two, but
I hope that the discussion on the second day can build on what transpires
at the first gathering, so please attend both if possible (but one will be
better than none, of course).  For those unable to be in Seattle, we plan to
have a speaker phone with a dial-in conference line available.  We also
hope to have light refreshments available for those who show up in the

If you think that there is a reasonable chance that you will attend one or
both meetings, please inform Gretchen ( at
APO so we know roughly how many to expect, even if you are among those who
have already told me that you will be there.  Also, let her know if you
would like to receive electronic copies of some relevant documents before
the meeting.  She will also be able to provide you with the call-in number
once it is arranged.

This is being sent to apo35-general and so should reach most of the
relevant people; however, I would like to ask Users Cmte members and
Schedulers at each institution to forward the message to anyone who might
be interested but who does not subscribe to that email list.

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle and to lively discussions!

Ed Turner

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