Subject: Wavefront sensor tests

From: Walter Wild

Submitted: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 03:44:00 -0600 (CST)

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Below is an email from a group that plans to test a Hartmann based
wavefront sensor at Yerkes sometime later this year.  We cannot afford
to purchase this unit, but are willing to test it on our telescopes
(24 inch and 41 inch) for htem and for our own interest.  If there
is interest in the results of these tests or the apparatus, please let
me know, or you can contact the individuals directly, for APO use/tests.

Walter Wild


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Dear Dr. Wild,

        We are prepared to offer you a time when we can show you the wavefront =
sensor and the benefits this instrument will provide for the operation =
of your telescope. Dr. Rajiv Bhatia from Spot s.r.l., will be in the =
United States to demonstrate the Shack-Hartman sensor for a period of =
time to those who have a time slot available.

        Dr. Bhatia will be in this country starting the last week in November =
and will remain most of December in order to meet with interested =

        We would like to inquire if you and your staff would be available for a
demonstration of our product? If the time table above will fit within =
your schedule, please give us two possible dates when you could meet =
with Dr. Bhatia for the demonstration of the senor and its accompanying =
software program.

        If these time periods conflict, please give us an alternate date(s) =
when you and your staff will be available for consultation. Thank you =
for your attention to this matter. We hope to hear from you as soon as =
you have determined the best time for a demonstration of the wavefront =

Best Regards,

Gerald L. Jones
TransContinental Exchange, Inc.

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