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Submitted: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 14:20:10 -0700

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  Last Wed (22 Nov) the APO staff had a planning meeting with the WSMR
people regarding the installation of the AMBER camera.  During this
meeting we addressed some concerns that APO had regarding the
connection of the WSMR equipment to the APO telescope control
electronics.  Currently the installation is schedule to be done by 16
Dec.  Note that everybody, APO and WSMR, feel that this is
unrealistic, however, is does give us a goal to shoot for.  The
installation will include the camera and the tracking & telescope
drive controls.

  I also talked to Charlie Conroy regarding the data storage
requirements.  He is getting two 16Gbyte RAID arrays from Storage
Concepts for a total of 32Gbytes of storage.  This will allow WSMR to
collect data at the highest speed for 16 minutes.  He is looking into
higher capacity drives that might be available for our uses.  Please
note, that WSMR will be streaming the data to the drives and writing
bits rather than writing a file per image.  In addition, the data is
alternated between 8 drives.  Charlie and I think that the best
solution for APO scientist is to install at SCSI tape drive on the
WSMR equipment and use their electronics to read the disk and write a
tape in a format that APO can use.

  If there is anybody on this list who is use to handling lots of
astronomical images I could use some advice on how to write this tape.
Given the available frame rates (~1000/sec) a file per frame does not
seem the most economical option.  Also, given the large quantity of
data we are considering the use of DLT tapes rather than 8mm or 4mm.

 If anyone has comments or concerns about these options please let me
know so we can get them addressed.

				Jim Fowler

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