Peer-reviewed publications

Last updated: November 2018. An up-to-date overview of my publications as listed on NASA ADS can be found here.

  • 11. Van Eylen, V.; S. Albrecht, X. Huang, M. MacDonald, R. Dawson, M. Cai, D. Foreman-Mackey, M. Lundkvist, V. Silva Aguirre, I. Snellen, J. N. Winn,
  • The orbital eccentricity of small planet systems
    Accepted for publication in AAS Journals

  • 10. Van Eylen, V.; C. Agentoft, M. S. Lundkvist, H. Kjeldsen, J. E. Owen, B. J. Fulton, E. Petigura, I. Snellen
  • An asteroseismic view of the radius valley: stripped cores, not born rocky
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 479, 4786, October 2018

  • 9. Van Eylen, V.; F. Dai, S. Mathur, D. Gandolfi, S. Albrecht, M. Fridlund, R. A. Garcia, E. Guenther, M. Hjorth, A. B. Justesen, J. Livingston, M. N. Lund, F. Perez Hernandez, J. Prieto-Arranz, C. Regulo, L. Bugnet, M. E. Everett, T. Hirano, D. Nespral, G. Nowak, E. Palle, V. Silva Aguirre, T. Trifonov, J.N. Winn, O. Barragan, P. G. Beck, W. J. Chaplin, W. D. Cochran, S. Csizmadia, H. Deeg, M. Endl, P. Heeren, S. Grziwa, A. P. Hatzes, D. Hidalgo, J. Korth, S. Mathis, P. Montanes Rodriguez, N. Narita, M. Patzold, C. M. Persson, F. Rodler, and A. M. S. Smith,
  • HD 89345: a bright oscillating star hosting a transiting warm Saturn-sized planet observed by K2
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 478, 4866, August 2018

  • 8. van Sluijs, L.*, & Van Eylen, V.
  • The occurrence of planets and other substellar bodies around white dwarfs using K2
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 474, 4, March 2018, * MSc student

  • 7. Van Eylen, V.; Albrecht, S.; Gandolfi, D.; Dai, F.; Winn, J. N.; Hirano, T.; Narita, N.; Bruntt, H.; Prieto-Arranz, J.; Bejar, V. J. S.; Nowak, G.; Lund, M. N.; Palle, E.; Ribas, I.; Sanchis-Ojeda, R.; Yu, L.; Arriagada, P.; Butler, R. P.; Crane, J. D.; Handberg, R.; Deeg, H.; Jessen-Hansen, J.; Johnson, J. A.; Nespral, D.; Rogers, L.; Ryu, T.; Shectman, S.; Shrotriya, T.; Slumstrup, D.; Takeda, Y.; Teske, J.; Thompson, I.; Vanderburg, A.; Wittenmyer, R.
  • The K2-ESPRINT Project V: a short-period giant planet orbiting a subgiant star
    Astronomical Journal 152, 143, November 2016

  • 6. Van Eylen, V.; Winn, J. N.; Albrecht, S.
  • Orbital Circularization of Hot and Cool Kepler Eclipsing Binaries
    Astrophysical Journal, Volume 824, Issue 1, June 2016

  • 5. Van Eylen, V.; Nowak, G.; Albrecht, S.; Palle, E.; Ribas, I.; Bruntt, H.; Perger, M.; Gandolfi, D.; Hirano, T.; Sanchis-Ojeda, R.; Kiilerich, A.; Prieto-Arranz, J.; Badenas, M.; Dai, F.; Deeg, H. J.; Guenther, E. W.; Montañés-Rodríguez, P.; Narita, N.; Rogers, L. A., Bejar, V. J. S.; Shrotriya, T. S.; Winn, J. N.; Sebastian, D.
  • The K2-ESPRINT Project. II. Spectroscopic Follow-up of Three Exoplanet Systems from Campaign 1 of K2
    Astrophysical Journal, Volume 820, 56, March 2016

  • 4. Van Eylen, V.; Albrecht, S.
  • Eccentricity from Transit Photometry: Small Planets in Kepler Multi-planet Systems Have Low Eccentricities
    Astrophysical Journal, Volume 808, Issue 2, August 2015

  • 3. Van Eylen, V.; Lund, M. N.; Silva Aguirre, V.; Arentoft, T.; Kjeldsen, H.; Albrecht, S.; Chaplin, W. J.; Isaacson, H.; Pedersen, M. G.; Jessen-Hansen, J.; Tingley, B.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Aerts, C.; Campante, T. L.; Bryson, S. T.
  • What asteroseismology can do for exoplanets: Kepler-410A b is a Small Neptune around a Bright Star, in an Eccentric Orbit Consistent with Low Obliquity,
    Astrophysical Journal, 782, 14, February 2014.

  • 2. Van Eylen, V.; Lindholm Nielsen, M.; Hinrup, B.; Tingley, B.; Kjeldsen, H.
  • Investigation of Systematic Effects in Kepler Data: Seasonal Variations in the Light Curve of HAT-P-7b
    Astrophysical Journal, 774, 19, September 2013.

  • 1. Van Eylen, V.; Kjeldsen, H.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Aerts, C.
  • Properties of extrasolar planets and their host stars: A case study of HAT-P-7
    Astronomische Nachrichten, 333, 1088, December 2012.

    An up-to-date overview of my publications as listed on NASA ADS can be found here.