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SFIR: Star Formation/ISM Rendezvous

Regular time and place: 11:00 - 12:00 on Wednesdays bi-weekly in the Peyton Hall Dome room (201)

Members: Bruce Draine, Munan Gong, Cole Holcomb, Wenhua Ju, Jill Knapp, Chang-Goo Kim, Matt Kunz, Eve Ostriker, Kwang-Il Seon, Ji-Ming Shi, Aaron Skinner, Melinda Soares-Furtado, Jim Stone, Scott Tremaine, Miguel de Val-Borro, Zhaohuan Zhu

If you are interested, please contact Zhaohuan Zhu (

Schedule & History

Sep 16First Meeting
Sep 30Ting-Wen Lan(John Hoplins University)
Oct 14
Oct 28


2013 Summer

May 9First Meeting
May 23Matt KunzMagnetic self-organization in Hall-dominated Magnetorotational Turbulence
June 6Zhaohuan ZhuHow the presence of planets affects dust particle distributions in protoplanetary disks? (room 33)

2013 Fall

Sep 18Jonathan Tan (University of Florida)Four Predictions of Massive Star Formation Theory
Paola Caselli (University of Leeds)Deuterium fractionation and the earliest stages of star formation
Sep 26Kengo TomidaEffects of Microphysics in Protostellar Collapse
Oct 3Chang-Goo KimSynthetic HI 21cm line observations from galactic disk simulations
Oct 10Aaron SkinnerAn efficient method for radiation hydrodynamics in models of feedback-regulated star-formation
Oct 17(General Discussions)Bate et al. 2013
Oct 24Yuri Fujii (Nagoya University)On the Formation and Evolution of Gaseous Disks around Newly-Formed Giant Planets
Oct 31Ho Seong Hwang (Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory)Dust Properties of Local Dust-Obscured Galaxies
Nov 14Naoki Yoshida (University of Tokyo, Kavli IPMU)Low-mass stars, massive blackholes, and luminous supernovae in the early universe
Nov 21Bo Zhao (University of Virginia)Protobinary Evolution Driven by Magnetic Braking
Nov 28(Thanksgiving recess)
Dec 12Che-Yu Chen (University of Maryland)Formation of Magnetized Prestellar Cores with Ambipolar Diffusion and Turbulence

2014 Summer

Feb 20Akimasa Kataoka (GUAS / NAOJ)Planetesimal formation via fluffy aggregates
Feb 27Eve OstrikerDobbs et al: Formation of Molecular Clouds and Global Conditions for Star Formation
Aaron SkinnerPadoan et al: The Star Formation Rate of Molecular Clouds
Mar 6Sanemichi Takahashi (Kyoto / Nagoya)Ring structure formation in protoplanetary disks due to the two-fluid secular gravitational instability: An indicator of dust concentration
Mar 13Chan-Goo KimKrumholz et al: Star Cluster Formation and Feedback
Sudhir RaskuttiLongmore et al: The Formation and Early Evolution of Young Massive Clusters
Mar 27Munan GongOffner et al: The Origin and Universality of the Stellar Initial Mass Function
Kengo TomidaZ. Li et al: The Earliest Stages of Star and Planet Formation: Core Collapse, and the Formation of Disks and Outflows
Apr 10Yichen Zhang (Yale University)Massive Star Formation: Radiation Transfer Simulation Meets Observation
Apr 24Pavel Kroupa
(Helmholtz-Institut fuer Strahlen und Kernphysik)
The stellar IMF and the earliest phase of the assembly of the Milky Way

2014 Fall

Sep 24 First Meeting
Oct 1Zhaohuan ZhuAudard et al: Episodic Accretion in Young Stars
Wenhua JuTurner et al: Transport and Accretion in Planet-Forming Disks
Oct 8Ji-Ming ShiTurbulence and tidal torques in accretion disks
Oct 15Kohei Inayoshi (Columbia University)Formation of supermassive black hole seeds in first galaxies
Oct 22Kwang-Il SeonDust Mass Discrepancy in Edge-on Galaxies and Radiative Transfer in Turbulent Media
Oct 29Shaye Storm (The University of Maryland)Formation of Dense Filaments and Cores in Nearby Molecular Clouds
Nov 5Jeong-Gyu Kim (Seoul National University)Instability of Magnetized Ionization Fronts Surrounding H II Regions
Nov 12Elad Steinberg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Should We Move to Moving Mesh?
Nov 19Taysun KimmEscape of LyC photons from dwarf galaxies during reionization
Dec 3Zhaohuan ZhuSignatures of Young Planets in Protoplanetary Disks

2015 Summer

Feb 4Munan GongPrestellar core formation, evolution and accretion
Feb 11Wu Yuefang (Peking University)Inflow motions in high mass star formation regions
Feb 18Chang-Goo KimMomentum Injection by Supernovae in the Interstellar Medium
Feb 25Kengo TomidaRMHD Simulations of Protostellar Collapse: Non-Ideal MHD Effects and Early Formation of Circumstellar Disks
Mar 4Wenhua JuAngular momentum transport by spiral shocks in cataclysmic variable (CV) accretion disks
Mar 11(MPPC meeting)
Mar 18(Spring recess)
Mar 25Aaron SkinnerNumerical Simulations of Turbulent, Star-Forming Molecular Clouds Regulated by Reprocessed Radiation Feedback
Apr 1Sudhir RasukuttiRegulation of Star Formation in Molecular Clouds by Direct Radiation Feedback
Apr 8(General Discussion)Li et al. 2015, Richert et al. 2015
Apr 15(PCTS meeting)
Apr 22(TCAN meeting)
Apr 29Terrence Tricco (University of Exeter)Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium
May 5 (Tuesday)Wladimir Lyra (JPL/Caltech)Evolution of circumstellar disks and planet formation
May 20Eric Blackman (Rochester/IAS)Virial Evolution of Molecular Clouds (Possible second topic: Accretion Engines of Planetary Nebulae)
May 27Juan Soler (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale)Magneto is not a hero: The Galactic magnetic field and the formation of density structures in the interstellar medium as revealed by Planck