Freshman Seminar 113
The Search for Life in the Universe
Fall 2004

Course Syllabus

This syllabus will get more fleshed out (and is subject to change), especially in the later parts, as the semester progresses. We may have several guest lecturers by experts in various fields. Note the relation between the lectures and the chapters of our two textbooks.

  • Monday, September 13: Introduction
  • Wednesday, September 15: Overview of cosmology
  • Monday, September 20: Stars I
  • Wednesday, September 22: Stars II
  • Monday, September 27: Stars III
  • Wednesday, September 29: Stars IV
  • Monday, October 4: Our solar system I
  • Wednesday, October 6: Our solar system II
  • Monday, October 11: Search for planets around other stars I
  • Wednesday, October 13: Search for planets around other stars II
  • Monday, October 18 Search for planets around other stars III
  • Wednesday, October 20: Contigency
  • Monday, October 25 Fall break
  • Wednesday, October 27 Fall break

    Updated syllabus at midpoint of the semester; we are behind about one week.

  • Monday, November 1: Search for planets around other stars II
  • Monday, November 3: Search for planets around other stars III
  • Monday, November 8: Life on Earth I
  • Wednesday, November 10: Life on Earth II
  • Monday, November 15: Life in Earth III
  • Wednesday, November 17: Life on Earth IV
  • Monday, November 22: Life on Mars? I
  • Wednesday, November 24: Life on Mars? II
  • Monday, November 29: Interplanetary travel
  • Wednesday, December 1: The search for life
  • Monday, December 6: No class
  • Wednesday, December 8: No class
  • Monday, January 3: Student presentations I
  • Wednesday, January 5: Student presentations II
  • Tuesday, January 11 (Dean's Date):
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