Freshman Seminar 113
The Search for Life in the Universe
Fall 2004

Course Information

Butler College, Special Dining Room

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-4:20

Professor: Michael A. Strauss Required Texts: Click here for other books of related interest, and here for a guide to reading the Fry book.
There will be five problem sets through the course, as well as two papers and a presentation. Your grade in the course will be determined as follows:

A brief outline for each paper is due roughly 10 days before the paper itself is due, and should be the result of discussions with Prof. Strauss.

Suggested topics for papers.

Reading assignments will be from our two required texts; in addition, I will have additional handouts from time to time.

I will not keep formal office hours, but (if not otherwise out of town), I can usually be found in my office during the day, and welcome you to drop by. Contact me by e-mail or phone first to set up an appointment, or to make sure I'm in.

This file was constructed by Michael Strauss; send me mail.