You can't beat SM

SM is a plotting programme written by Robert Lupton (<>) and Patricia Monger (<>)

SM is not freely distributable; for a brief description and details on how to order a copy see our standard blurb.


The SM manuals are distributed with the distribution, in TeXinfo (which can be processed into hardcopy (e.g. via postscript), info, or HTML). Robert's lastest HTML copies are: Many thanks to Bohdan Zograf for this translation into Belorussian.

Release Notes

These release notes include changes that haven't made it into an official version. The last official release was 2.4.1.

Bug Database

There's an SM bug database; you'll need to allow your browser to set at least some cookies (sorry), and login with any password that you feel like. There aren't many bugs in it, which either reflects the stability of the code or the lack of interest in reporting them.

Mailing List

There's a (not very busy) SM mailing list; to be added send mail to Robert Lupton. When he gets his act together, there'll be an archive available on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a very short FAQ list; suggestions for additions would be gratefully received.

Example Plots

Here are a few examples of SM plots, along with the commands that generated them. If you have a favourite graph that you'd like to see here send Robert mail.