MCP Documentation

Switching MCP Versions
How to switch MCP versions.
A (very) concise listing of all MCP commands
Basically just a listing. A more complete manual will be available one day.
MCP Fiducials Commands
The commands to set and manipulate the fiducials; also described the mcpFiducials.-mjd.dat logfile.
The significance of the bits returned to the TCC's STATUS command
The MCP's Semaphores
Where and when the MCP uses semaphores
The TCC axis controller commands are here; the TCC manual is here.

Switching MCP Versions

To switch the MCP to run version vx_x_x, at the unix prompt on sdsshost say:
   setup mcp vx_x_x
then reboot the crate; one convenient way to do this is to start iop and say
another is to use ^X (control-X) from the mcpMenu. From within iop, the command mcpVersion will tell you the name of the version currently running, the command showMCP (from iop or the unix prompt) shows which version will run upon reboot.

How does this work?

The vxWorks VME crate doesn't know much about sdsshost; all it knows is that if you tell it to reboot, it'll read the file /p/mcpbase/etc/mcp.login and follow instructions. The switchMCP command doesn't attempt to change this behaviour, rather it changes the files in the /p/mcpbase directory.

More specifically, when you say switchMCP: