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Tk_QueueWindowEvent - Add a window event to the Tcl event queue


#include <tk.h>

Tk_QueueWindowEvent(eventPtr, position)


XEvent *eventPtr (in)
An event to add to the event queue.

Tcl_QueuePosition position (in)
Where to add the new event in the queue: TCL_QUEUE_TAIL, TCL_QUEUE_HEAD, or TCL_QUEUE_MARK.


This procedure places a window event on Tcl's internal event queue for eventual servicing. It creates a Tcl_Event structure, copies the event into that structure, and calls Tcl_QueueEvent to add the event to the queue. When the event is eventually removed from the queue it is processed just like all window events.

The position argument to Tk_QueueWindowEvent has the same significance as for Tcl_QueueEvent; see the documentation for Tcl_QueueEvent for details.


callback, clock, handler, modal timeout

Last change: 7.5

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