Some SINGS Galaxies as observed by SDSS

(SINGS: Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxy Survey)

Copyright Robert Lupton and the SDSS Consortium

Click on the thumbnails for full-resolution jpgs. Please do not copy without permission (which will be given). The picture credit should be:
     Robert Lupton and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Consortium

The algorithm used to generate these images is very simple, and is described in this paper in PASP.

The official SDSS acknowledgements are given at the end of this page.

All images are made from g-r-i.
ddo154 Holmberg IX Mark33
NGC2798 NGC2841 NGC3034
NGC3049 Group including NGC3190 NGC3190
NGC3198 NGC3265 NGC3351
NGC3521 NGC3627 NGC3773
NGC3938 NGC4321 NGC4450
NGC4536 NGC4552 NGC4559
NGC4569 NGC4579 NGC4625
NGC4631 NGC4725 NGC5194


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