M31 as observed by HSC

Copyright Robert Lupton and the HSC project

Click on the thumbnails for full-resolution jpgs. Please do not copy without permission (which will be given). The picture credit should be:
     Robert Lupton and the HyperSuprimeCam Project

The algorithm used to generate these images is very simple, and is described in this paper in PASP.

The official HSC acknowledgements are given at the end of this page.

All images are made from g-r-i.
M31-1x1-zoom1 M31-1x1-zoom2-box M31-1x1-zoom2-nobox
M31-1x1 M31-4x4-2boxes M31-4x4-box
M31-4x4-nobox M31-4x4-raw M31-4x4-zoom2-box
M31-4x4-zoom2-nobox M31-8x8-2boxes M31-8x8-box