Some of The Papers of Mine I Like the Most, in No Particular Order

1.  On the Maximum Luminosity of Galaxies and Their Central Black Holes: Feedback from Momentum-driven Winds

2.  Electromagnetic Counterparts of Compact Object Mergers Powered by the Radioactive Decay of R-process Nuclei    Confirmed!    See here, here, here    

3.  Particle Heating by Alfvenic Turbulence in Hot Accretion Flows

4. The Long-term Evolution of Double White Dwarf Mergers and The Evolution and Fate of Super-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf Merger Remnants

5.  The Physics of Galactic Winds Driven by Active Galactic Nuclei

6.  Buoyancy Instabilities in Weakly Magnetized Low-Collisionality Plasmas

7.  The Magnetorotational Instability in a Collisionless Plasma

8.  Kinetic Simulations of Magnetized Turbulence in Astrophysical Plasmas

9.  Galaxies on FIRE (Feedback In Realistic Environments): Stellar Feedback Explains Cosmologically Inefficient Star Formation

10.  Nonlinear Tides in Close Binary Systems

11. Wave-driven Mass Loss in the Last Year of Stellar Evolution: Setting the Stage for the Most Luminous Core-Collapse Supernovae

12.  Thermal Instability and the Feedback Regulation of Hot Haloes in Clusters, Groups and Galaxies and Thermal Instability in Gravitationally Stratified Plasmas: Implications for Multiphase Structure in Clusters and Galaxy Haloes

13.  The Starburst Contribution to the Extragalactic γ-Ray Background

14.  Weak Shock Propagation with Accretion. I. Self-similar Solutions and Application to Failed Supernovae