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Compressible MHD Turbulence

Pulsed Protostellar Jet I am a Professor in, and Chair of, the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University, with a joint appointment in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM). My research group studies gas dynamics in a wide variety of astrophysical systems: from protostars to clusters of galaxies, mostly using numerical methods. As part of this effort, we develop, test, and apply numerical algorithms for astrophysical gas dynamics on high-performance computers. Use the links below to find out more about my group and what we do.

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Fall term 2017 -- Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics.

See my article on Computational astrophysics. Scholarpedia, 2(10):2419

Research Group

A Group Member To find out more about members of the group and what they are working on, follow the link (if available) to their personal home pages.

Kyle Felker (PACM Graduate Student) Developing numerical methods for radiation transport in full GR.

Patryk Pjanka (Graduate Student) Studying global MHD models of accretion disks in close binaries.

Ji-Ming Shi (Postdoc) Studying saturation of the MRI and proto-planetary accretion disks.

Max Gaspari (Einstein Fellow) Studying the dynamics of the multiphase ICM.

Philip Mocz (Einstein Fellow) tudying star formation in the turbulent ISM, and moving-mesh methods for MHD.

Former graduate students include:

Glenn Piner (M.Sc. 1995, University of Maryland)
Jianjun Xu (Ph.D. 1996, University of Maryland)
Kristen Miller (Ph.D. 2000, University of Maryland)
Tim Fleming (Ph.D. 2001, University of Maryland)
Chin-Fei Lee (Ph.D. 2001, University of Maryland)
Augusto Carballido-Somohano (Ph.D. 2006, Cambridge University)
Ian Parrish (Ph.D. 2007, Princeton University)
Nicole Lemaster (Ph.D. 2008, Princeton University)
Mike Sekora (Ph.D. 2010, Princeton University)
Xuening Bai (Ph.D. 2012, Princeton University)
Mike Belyaev (Ph.D. 2013, Princeton University) co-advised with R. Rafikov
Ruobing Dong (Ph.D. 2013, Princeton University) co-advised with R. Rafikov
Yanfei Jiang (Ph.D. 2013, Princeton University)
Chris White (Ph.D. 2016, Princeton University)
Wendy Ju (Ph.D. 2016, Princeton University)

Former postdoctoral fellows include:

Kurt Roettiger (1996-1998) -- working in private industry.
Neal Turner (1999-2002) -- staff scientist at JPL.
Takayoshi Sano (2000-2003) -- professor at Osaka University
Tom Gardiner (2003-2006) -- research scientist at Sandia National Lab
Robert Crockett (2005-2006) -- working in private industry
Mark Krumholz (Hubble Fellow, 2005-2008) -- professor, ANU
Ari Socrates (Hubble Fellow, 2005-2008) -- working in private industry
Matt Kunz (Einstein Fellow, 2011-2015) -- assistant professor, Princeton
Kengo Tomida (JSPS Fellow, 2012-2015) -- assistant professor, Osaka University
Zhaohuan Zhu (Hubble Fellow, 2012-2016) -- assistant professor, UNLV

Research Projects

If you are here just for the pretty pictures, visit the Gallery.

For a more detailed description of my current research projects, use the links below.

If you REALLY want to find out more about my research, you can access (almost) all of my publications on the NASA ADS.

Artist's Impression of a Black Hole Accretion Disk

Accretion Disks

VLT Image of HH34

Protostellar Jets and Outflows

HST Image of Cygnus Loop

Interstellar Shocks

HST Image of Molecular Gas in M16

MHD Turbulence in Molecular Clouds

HST Image of Disk in NGC7052

Radiatively Driven Winds from Disks

NGC1365 - A Nearby Barred Spiral

Gas Flow in Barred Galaxies

Rosat X-ray image of the Virgo Cluster

Merging Clusters of Galaxies

Target Chamber of the Omega Laser at LLE

Radiative Jets Produced by Intense Lasers

Numerical Algorithms

ZEUS - a flexible and robust MHD code.
Also see David Clarke's ZEUS-3D home page.

CMHOG - a 3D PPM code for ideal hydrodynamics

ATHENA - a higher-order Godunov scheme for astrophysical MHD

Link is now to Athena Trac site

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