Gonzalo J. Aniano Porcile


I received my PhD at the Department of Astrophysical Sciences, of Princeton University,
under the supervision of Professor Bruce T. Draine.

Convolution Kernels

You may find useful the Common-Resolution Convolution Kernels for Space- and Ground-Based Telescopes for your research.

We currently have kernels for:

If you use these kernels in a paper, please reference:
G. Aniano, B. T. Draine, K.D.Gordon, K. Sandstrom, Pub. Ast. Soc. Pac., Vol 123, pp.1218-1236.


My main research interest are:
Theoretical Astrophysics.
Physical phenomena in the interstellar medium.
Physics of Interstellar Grains.
Optics of Small Particles.
Methods for Computing Light Scattering from Arbitrarily-Shaped Targets.
Image processing and data analysis.


Here you can find a list of my papers.