Publications on Galactic Cloud Formation

Pointers to journal and review articles archived online:

  • Magnetorotationally-Driven Galactic Turbulence and the Formation of Giant Molecular Clouds by Woong-Tae Kim, Eve C. Ostriker, & James M. Stone, 2003, ApJ, 599
  • Three-Dimensional Simulations of Parker, Magneto-Jeans, and Swing Instabilities in Shearing Galactic Gas Disks by W.-T. Kim, E.C. Ostriker, & J.M. Stone 2002, ApJ, 581, 1080-1100
  • Formation and Fragmentation of Gaseous Spurs in Spiral Galaxies by W.-T. Kim & E.C. Ostriker 2002, ApJ, 570, 132-151
  • Amplification, saturation, and Q thresholds for runaway: growth of self-gravitating structures in models of magnetized galactic gas disks by W.-T. Kim & E.C. Ostriker 2001, ApJ, 559, 70-95

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