Interstellar MHD Shock Waves

Bruce T. Draine, Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University

Recent Papers

  • Draine, B.T. 1995, "Grain Destruction in Interstellar Shock Waves", in Shocks in Astrophysics, ed. T.J. Millar, Astrophys. Sp. Sci., 233, 111.
  • Toth, G., & Draine, B.T. 1993, "Oscillatory Instability of Radiative Shocks with Transverse Magnetic Field: Linear Analysis and Nonlinear Simulations", Astrophys. J., 413, 176 (pdf or gzipped PostScript)
  • Draine, B.T., & McKee, C.F. 1993, "Theory of Interstellar Shocks", Ann. Rev. Astr. Astrophys., 31, 373. (pdf or gzipped PostScript) Back to B.T. Draine's home page.