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     HECATE:   Origin 2000
  • 4-rack Origin 2000 system
  • 64 CPUs: 300 MHz R12000 processors
  • 16 GBytes main memory (RAM)
  • 1.3 TeraBytes disk space
  • Hecate is shared among users in Departments of Astrophysics, Computer Sciences and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
  • Questions about hecate may be sent to bill@princeton.edu

Hecate Usage Guidelines: Read Before Running Jobs on Hecate

Performance Tuning for Origin 2000

Compiler options for maximum performance:
  • -64 -mips4 -r12000 -TARG:platform=ip27    optimization for the Origin 2000 architecture
  • -Ofast=ip27    maximum optimization level for Origin 2000
  • -OPT:IEEE_arithmetic=3 -OPT:roundoff=3    speeds up arithmetic when round-off errors are not important   (check that results are the same)
  • -OPT:alias=disjoint
  • -IPA=on    cross-subroutine optimization
  • -LNO:vintr=on    automatic vectorization
Linker options:
  • -lfastm    fast math functions

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