Neutrinos from 2D Models of Core-Collapse Supernovae to late times (~4.0 - 4.5 seconds after bounce)

The paper using the state-of-the-art supernova simulation code Fornax from which the 2D neutrino signal data provided on this webpage is Core-Collapse Supernova Explosion Theory by Adam Burrows and David Vartanyan.

Data files:

All 2D luminosity spectra and evolution files (at 10000 km) in HDF5

Also at link (for the 10000 km data):

README file - We provide angle-averaged neutrino data in the form of "lum_spec_{}M_r{}_dat.h5" (e.g. lum_spec_12M_r10000_dat.h5" for our long-term 2D simulations (from 12-27 M$_{\odot}$ carried out to ~4.5 seconds (Burrows and Vartanyan 2021). For each of the three neutrino species (nu0, nu1, nu2), we provide neutrino luminosity spectra (in 10$^{50}$ erg/s/MeV) as well as energy bin centers and widths (both in MeV) at 10,000 km for each of our 12 energy bins (labeled g0...g11) (degroup) allows one to independently calculate the bin-integrated luminosity for the luminosity spectra, and together with the energy bin centers (egroup) allow the calculation of the mean neutrino energies.

Python script for reading the 10000 km data

David Vartanyan, PhD

TAC Fellow, UC Berkeley