A Study of the Fluxes from Model Extrasolar "Neptune" Atmospheres as a Function of Orbital Distance, Stellar Type, and Metallicity

Model Description:

The 28 directories in the tarball at the bottom of this page contain the output of the 28 models by the corresponding names in the paper "Models of Neptune-Mass Exoplanets: Emergent Fluxes and Albedos" by D. Spiegel, A. Burrows, L. Ibgui, I. Hubeny, and John A. Milsom (2009). The symbols in the directory and file names have the following meanings:

Each directory is named for each model and is named in the format given above. Directory "XYZ" contains files called XYZ.19, XYZ.20, and XYZ.21. The contents of these files are the following:


XYZ.20: XYZ.21:

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