Irradiated Extrasolar Giant Planet Spectra II
Taken from Burrows, Sudarsky, and Hubeny (2004, BSH)

Repository II of Selected Theoretical Spectral Models:

Description: The files on this page are to be found and are described in the Ap.J. July 1, 2004 paper entitled "Spectra and Diagnostics for the Direct Detection of Wide-Separation Extrasolar Giant Planets," by Burrows, Sudarsky, and Hubeny (2004, BSH). This paper is a continuation of the series of papers started with Sudarsky, Burrows, and Hubeny (2003, SBH) (Astrophys. J., 588, 1121, 2003). The data for that paper are to be found at a neighboring URL. The files at this site contain surface spectra and planet/star flux ratios for a small model set as a function of orbital distance, age, and mass. As described in BSH, the effects of stellar irradiation are included. Some of the parameters assumed for the calculations are to be found in the headers to these files. A spectral range from ~0.5 to 40 microns is provided. We strongly recommend that you read BSH before using these spectra professionally or even to satisfy your curiosity, but they are indeed put here for general use. Should you employ them in a talk, publication, proposal, or any document, we would appreciate it if you would refer to the BSH paper. Feel free to contact Adam Burrows ( or if you have questions or requests.

Specific EGPs, with consistent clouds and stellar irradiation:

Self-consistently-calculated, cloudy (when appropriate), irradiated EGPs as a function of Orbital Distance from a G2V Star:

Irradiated EGPs at 4.0 AU as a function of mass and age (for 1 jupiter mass) around a G2V star: