L and T Dwarf Models and the L to T Transition: Theoretical Spectra for L and T dwarfs
Taken from Burrows, Sudarsky, and Hubeny (2006)

Description: The tar file below is a collection of spectral models found and described in the paper accepted to the Astrophysical Journal entitled "L and T Dwarf Models and the L to T Transition" by Burrows, Sudarsky, and Hubeny (2006). These models include clouds. The files cover log base ten (gravities in cgs) of 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 and effective temperatures from 700 K to 2300 K. The file names indicate the effective temperature, gravity, and metallicity, the latter for [Fe/H] = {-0.5, 0, +0.5} (indicated by "0.3X, solar, 3X"). f100 indicates that the cloud modal particle size is 100 microns. Column 3 is the wavelength in microns and column 6 (FDET) is the flux in milliJanskys at 10 parsecs. The Burrows et al. (1997) dwarf radii have been used. These models cover the L and T dwarfs, but do a poor job of capturing the L-to-T transition and dwarfs near spectroscopic type T3. Otherwise, they reproduce the early- to mid-L dwarfs and the mid- to late-T dwarfs rather well. Also included is a set of cloud-free (clear) models; the lower temperature range of this set can be applied to the mid- to late-T dwarfs. Should you employ these theoretical models in a talk, publication, proposal, or any document, we would appreciate it if you would refer to this paper. Feel free to contact Adam Burrows (burrows@astro.princeton.edu) if you have questions or requests.

L and T Dwarf Model Spectra:

Slovakian translation created by Blahoslav Konopka