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Weekly Astrophysics Calendar, which summarizes the week's astrophysics talks and events in the Princeton area.

A typical week in Princeton astrophysics:

 Every morning, around 10:30: Coffee in Grand Central, discussion of astro-ph papers
 Every afternoon, around 3:30: Tea and cookies in the graduate lounge


  Noon, Cosmology lunch, alternating between Peyton Hall Dome Room and the Institute for Advanced Study
            (see Dan Grin and Kendrick Smith)
  Noon, extrasolar planets lunch, Room 33 (see Adam Burrows and Ed Turner)
  1:45, Galread (extragalactic astronomy journal club), see Claire Lackner and Jenny Greene


  11 AM: Colloquium at the Institute for Advanced Study (Building E library)
  12:30 PM: Bahcall lunch (weekly gathering of the local astrophysics community), Dilworth Room, IAS
  4:30 PM: Astrophysics colloquium, Peyton Hall auditorium, followed by wine and cheese 
             (Spring semester only!)


  12:30 PM: Wunch (informal colloquium series), Room 33 (see Cristobal Petrovich)


  11 AM: Informal astrophysics seminars at the IAS. 
  12 noon: Thunch (grad-student-only talk series), Room 33 (see Pete Pattarakijwanich)
  4:30 PM: Physics department colloquium, Jadwin A10


  Doughnuts or bagels at Morning coffee!
  12 Noon: Gravity Group lunch/talk, Joe Henry Room, Jadwin Hall
  12:30 PM: Astroplasmas talk, Dome Room
  5 PM: End of the week sherry, Grand Central (or outside when the weather allows)

Roles of Staff & Faculty, i.e., who is responsible for what in Peyton Hall.

Access to Peyton Hall Keys, ID cards, 24 hour access to Peyton -- see Mindy (faculty, research, postdocs) or Charlotte (grads, undergrads)

What to do if you have a visitor: Contact with the dates of the visit. Marlene will let you know if the dates are available. If so, send the visitor's e-mail address, and, if the visitor is to stay in our apartment, the account to be charged for the apartment. Let Marlene know if the visitor also needs an office. Please note that students staying for an extended period of time will be given an office by Charlotte ( instead.

The apartments are available to visitors to Peyton. They can be paid for only with a Princeton grant; they cannot be paid for by the visitor themselves.

What to do to organize a local event: Contact Keren Fedida at, you will need fill out an "Initial Conference Planning Form" that she will give you in person, it will help you get organized for everything you need. Keren can help you with coordinating the event, everything from booking the meeting rooms to coffee breaks, hotel accommodations, creating a website & registration if needed.

Other departments where astrophysics happens in Princeton

The Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering PICSciE

The Princeton Physics Department in Jadwin Hall, including CMB experimentation, dark matter searches, and theoretical cosmology

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), with its own astrophysics department.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department (MAE), with strong interests in extrasolar planet detection.

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

The Princeton Geosciences Department

Information on Parking at Princeton

Library Services at Princeton.

Paw Points, by which you can charge meals at campus cafeterias to your account.

Dillon & Jadwin Gym

For Public Safety, call 8-1000 on a campus phone (258-1000 off-campus).  For a real emergency, dial 9-1-1.  


Campus Counseling Services: University Counseling & Psychological Services, business hours 8-3285, after-hours nurses station 8-3139


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