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Links to information on housing for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty/staff:

Undergraduate Housing

Graduate Housing

Faculty & Staff Housing

Off Campus Housing


The University operates two daycare centers for preschool children, University NOW and University League. A list of many of the other local daycares may be found at the Princeton Online site.

If your child is not in daycare, you could easily go to a different library in the area for story time each day through the week.

Check out for local activities.


The Princeton public schools are excellent, as are the public schools in the neighboring towns. You can find a list of local private schools here.


Transportation in & around Princeton

Note that on major thoroughfares in New Jersey (e.g., US1), all turns are made by first exiting to the right ("jughandles").

When driving on country roads, beware that deer may dart out in front of you at any time. And if you see one cross in front of you, there is likely another waiting to jump out just as you get there...

Where to shop

Princeton Shopping Center, about a mile from Campus, including a pretty good grocery store.

The Princeton Online website is a good resource for finding shops.

If you have a car, head south for about 5 minutes on US1 for department stores (Walmart, Target, JC Penney, Macy's), grocery stores (Wegman's, Shoprite, Kohl's), and others (Best Buy, Sam's Club, Home Depot).

Life in general

Stink bugs head inside in the fall and can be a huge pain. They love to hide in dark places, and release a stinky spray if disturbed (or crushed). Different people use different means for dealing with them; dropping them into a jar with some rubbing alcohol in it works well.

The state must me doing something about these. Their numbers are way down!


Travel tips.

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