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The general APO 3.5m mailing list, for discussions of general interest to the 3.5m community.
The following e-mail exploders are no longer functional, but old messages posted to them are kept here for archival purposes. All discussions of the APO 3.5m should be sent to apo35-general.
Discussions about various mechanical aspects of the telescope itself, and related structures (dome, control room, etc.)
Discussions about the Double Imaging Spectrograph.
Discussions about the Near Infrared Grism Spectrometer and Imager.
Discussions about the Drift Scan Camera, and its replacement, SPICAM.
Discussions about the Echelle.
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Discussions about Gamma-Ray Burst and other synoptic observations at APO.
Discussions about the offset guider.
Discussions about the proposed AMBER instrument at APO.
Discussions about the Monitor Telescope at APO.
Discussion about various computer-related issues at APO, both hardware and software. This would include discussion of the remote observer interface.
Discussions about the High Resolution Imager.
Other relevant links:
Engineering Reports
Documents from Chris Stubbs and team (September-October 1996) on various aspects of the telescope optics.
Here is a report (May 13, 1996) on engineering tests of DIS by NMSU people.
Here is an updated report (February 3, 1997) on DIS and GRIMII following the realuminization of the primary, secondary, and tertiary mirrors.
Here Is a report from Chris Stubbs on the status of the telescope as of June 1996, in dvi format.
Three Year Plan
The three-year plan for the observatory, from Alan Uomoto, October 1996.
Three Year Plan Update
A progress report on the 3-year plan, from Chris Stubbs, July 1997.
60 Hz Noise in DIS
A report from Alan Uomoto about fixes to the 60 Hz noise problem of DIS; April 1997.
Eric Deutsch's web page containing a very useful compilation of 3.5m information.
APO Home Page
The home page of the observatory itself, with substantial information about instruments, etc.