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Greeting to all GRIM users:

	As many of you have already read, my name is Christopher Garasi and
I am a 3rd year grad at NMSU. Currently I am preparing an obsv. aspect of
a doctoral dissertation and have been relying on the assistance of several
professors here at NMSU as well as other IR astronomers around the country.

	One thing I have noticed with GRIM obsv. is that the GRIM discussion
group is awfully quiet. I am not sure why this is the case, but I would
like to "pitch-out" a request to those of you who are on this mailer.

	Is it possible that we might be able to start regularly using this
web-sight as a means of discussing what has been done with GRIM and possibly
even use it as a medium for researchers/grads/etc. to ask questions to those
with IR experience? My suggestion is for those who use GRIM to write a 
summary/ of their GRIM usage and post it on the discussion
group sight. Currently, these types of obsv. reports are emailed locally within
NMSU. Why not just post what you did on the correct mailing sight so
more users can see it? Clearly, this would be a way in which potential bugs or
pitfalls can be avoided and/or fixed so that GRIM obsv. run more smoothly.

	For those of you who are concerned about flooding this sight with
"too many posts", wouldn't it be possible to just briefly summarize your obsv.:

	What you observed.
	What techniques were used (dithering? spectroscopy)
	What package you used to reduce your data?
	What S/N did you achieve? Photometric levels?
	Were there any problems on the run?
	Are there ways in which the telescope might be modified to help
	    with your obsv.?

Any brief summary might inspire a question from another which could be
mailed directly to the observer (rather than the GRIM sight) and then
if there is significant discussion, then that too could be posted.

	I can assure you that this type of regular posting will help strengthen
the usage of GRIM and assist those who are unfamiliar with IR obsv. (like
myself) to not make simple mistakes which might can be easily avoidable.

Please consider this request seriously, and if possible make it retroactive
(previous obsv. run should be posted).

Thank you,

Chris Garasi
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