Subject: Are YOU Interested in doing Spectroscopy with GRIM?

From: Bernadette Rodgers

Submitted: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 17:00:29 -0800 (PST)

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If you are NOT interested in doing SPECTROSCOPY with GRIM, disregard
this message.

If you are interested, PLEASE HIT FORWARD and take a moment to answer
the questions below.  Send your reply to:

I would like to characterize the level of interest in the APO community: 
who's doing it, for what purpose and with what problems.  My reasons are 
both selfish-- to find fellow cohorts to commiserate with, and non-selfish-- 
to see what needs we have and how they might be addressed.  I will broadcast 
the results to this mail server.  In the interest of getting responses, I 
have made this very brief and provided some response choices.  However,
I do not in any way want to bias or limit your response.  
Please add text or change answers anywhere you like. 

Thanks for your inputs,

Bernadette Rodgers, UW

Answer question 1 OR 2, as appropriate:

1) If you are interested in doing Spectroscopy with GRIM, but have not:

 a) Have any of the following issues been factors in your reason for not
	trying it (or lack of success if you tried it briefly)? 
	(mark all that apply- feel free to add text to elaborate)

	Lack of Documentation_____
	Lack of Experience in the community_____
	Lack of Instrument Characterization (in this mode) _____
	Insufficient instrument characteristics (ie, too low-res)_____
	No appropriate filter____  
	Inadequate calibration facilities____
	Telescope faults (ie, tracking too poor to stay on slit)____
	Other (describe)____

 b) Do you have a project in mind?  Yes____ No____
    If so, describe briefly (1-2 sentences), including instrument
       modes/filters (if you know):

2) If you have done spectroscopy with GRIM:

 a) Approximately how many times have you used GRIM in this mode? 

	Once____   2-5 nights____  5-15____  15 or more____ (an expert!)

 b) What modes/filters have you used?

	f/5____  f/10____  f/20____  
	J____  H____  K____  other?____ (which______________________)

 c) How would you rank your success:

	Great____  Fair____  Dismal____  Mixed____  Can't tell yet____

    If you answered Great, what were the major factors that contributed 
	to your success:

 d) If you answered less than Great, which of the following factors 
	most affected your success? (mark all that apply- add text to elaborate)
	Instrument performance ____
	Instrument capability ____ 
	Documentation ____
	Available Filters ____
	Experience/Help from the community ____
	Calibration (ie, wavelength/flux/sky corrections) ____ 
	Telescope performance ____ 
	Other (describe) ____

 e) Briefly describe your project(s) (1-2 sentences):


Comments, please:

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