Subject: New version of TUI (1.0b1)

From: Suzanne Hawley

Submitted: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:52:10 -0700 (PDT)

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All users should be aware that the latest version of the telescope user 
interface, TUI 1.0b1, is now available and is the recommended version for 
all instruments at the site.  For Q3 2005 and beyond TUI will be required 
for all echelle users: it is the only version that runs the new echelle 
instrument controller. The DIS slitviewer is now operational in TUI 1.0b1 
but is still being tested.  The old DIS slitviewer is still available and 
will be phased out during Q3, so users should become familiar with the TUI 
version. SPIcam instrument control remains via the existing command line 
interface, but telescope control while using SPIcam is through TUI.

We plan to phase out Remark during Q3 2005; all users still using Remark 
should switch to TUI immediately.  Note that it is a good idea to test 
your TUI connection to the site before your first run with it, to insure 
that connection problems don't affect your science observations.

Please report any irregularities, bugs and general comments about TUI to both 
the Observing Specialists <> and Russell Owen 

TUI 1.0b1 is available for download from:

IMPORTANT: TUI 1.0b1 (and all future versions of TUI) requires these additional 
Python packages:
  - numarray
  - pyfits
  - Python Imaging Library (PIL)
Unix and Windows users must add these before using this version of TUI. Mac OS 
X users may ignore this warning.

Furthermore, it is recommended that all users install ds9 and XPA.

More information on TUI is available on the help pages at:

To sign up for the TUI announcements, go to:

For installation problems, consult your local sysadmin or designated TUI 
contact.  See your Users Committee representative to find out who this is at 
your institution.

Suzanne Hawley
3.5m Director

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