Subject: 3.5m Community Meeting

From: elt@astro.Princeton.EDU

Submitted: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:20:27 -0400 (EDT)

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	A one day meeting will be held at JHU on August 9, 1996 to
	which all members of the ARC 3.5-meter community are invited.

	The goal of this meeting is to consolidate and communicate
	what we have learned about the present capabilities and
	problems of the 3.5m during operations and engineering during
	the past year and to lay plans for the future, short and
	long term.  Specific topics to be discussed include:
	- problems and limitations of the existing telescope and instruments
	- plans for remediation of these issues, including priorities,
	  technical plans, financial and human resources, etc.
	- plans for new instruments
	- long term or strategic goals for the facility
	- ARC policies affecting operations and other matters
	The results of this meeting will strongly influence the 3.5m 1997
	budget request, a 3-year plan for the telescope and possible
	suggestions for policy changes which I will present to the ARC
	BoG at its meeting in November.

	Chris Stubbs's "A 3.5m Status Report" (see messages 70 and 71
	under "General" in the 3.5m email exploder/archiver; email if you do not currently have access
	to this list) will be a major input to the meeting as will a
	preliminary draft of our "3 year plan", to be distributed later.

	Unfortunately, I must ask you to find your own travel support
	to attend this meeting, but we will be able to supply some
	assistance with reservations and other travel info.  Please send
	email to Janet Hergenhan ( if you
	plan to attend; she will send you further information when it
	is available.  Even if you do not need assistance with arrangements,
	please inform Janet so that we know how many people to expect.

	I regret that this meeting is being called on such short notice,
	as this will undoubtedly prevent many people from participating.
	However, it seems essential to move forward as quickly as possible
	on the 3.5m project.  I expect that we will have similar meetings
	in the future with more notice.  Also, I invite those who cannot
	attend (and even those who will) to make use of 3.5m email
	exploder/archiver to post their views on these matters in advance
	of the meeting.  Such an electronic "warm-up" will provide a
	very useful context for the meeting.

	Hope to see you in Baltimore on the 9th.

	Ed Turner
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