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Below is the current NMSU posting for an Observing Specialist I/II opening
at APO.  Note that the posting closes at the end of the month.  Also, a new
position announcement for SDSS observers will be forthcoming in the next
week or two; it will read slightly different but will have similar
experience and skill requirements.  The SDSS posting will encompass several
positions, with the first position being filled by October to support
Monitor Telescope operations.

Please consider these openings for yourself, or forward to others as you
feel appropriate.  Also, I'd appreciate it if someone would post a paper
copy of this e-mail in your department.

Thanks, and apologies if you receive multiple copies of this.

Bruce Gillespie


Observing Specialist I or II
Apache Point Observatory
P.O. Box 59
Sunspot, NM  88349-0059
Attention:  Bruce Gillespie, Site Manager

New Mexico State University is anticipating the recruitment of an Observing
Specialist to oversee observing programs at the Apache Point Observatory
3.5-meter telescope, plus to help in the commissioning activities for the
Sloan Digital Sky Survey operational systems.  Minimum requirements include
a B.S. in astronomy, physics, or related field plus two years experience in
the operation of astronomical facilities.  The Observing Specialist II
position requires a minimum of five years experience, and entails
additional supervisory and planning responsibilities.  Applicants with
advanced degrees will receive full consideration.

APO is owned and operated by the Astrophysical Research Consortium, of
which NMSU is the member institution responsible for observatory
operations.  Located near Sunspot, NM, the observatory has an operational
3.5-meter telescope, plus the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2.5-meter and
0.6-meter telescopes which are in the final stages of construction.  NMSU
also operates a 1.0-meter telescope at APO.

Applicants should have strong technical, mechanical, and engineering
skills, with hands-on experience in the operation of telescopes, CCDs,
spectrographs, vacuum systems, and cryogenics.  Computer skills are
mandatory, and an electronics background is desirable as is experience
using real-time telescope operations software and data analysis packages.
Applicants should have general technical and astronomical experience and
knowledge, possess good communication skills, be able to work effectively
with astronomers and engineers, exhibit initiative and reliability, and be
capable of expanding user documentation.  This is a full-time regular
position, and entails work mostly at night, with minimal supervision on an
extended work week.

Submit letter of application and r=E9sum=E9 (giving the names, addresses, an=
phone numbers of three references) before 31 July 1996.  Offer of
employment contingent upon funding and individual's eligibility for
employment in the U.S.    EEO/AA

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