Subject: Announcement of Opening for 3.5-m APO Director

From: Bruce Balick

Submitted: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:51:06 -0700

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The ARC Board of Governors (BoG) invites applications for the 
position of the Director of the 3.5-m telescope of the Apache Point 
Observatory though its Director's Search Committee. The position has 
a term of three years and becomes open at the end of calendar 2004 
when the current Director, Ed Turner, intends to step down.  Ed 
leaves behind a very successful and functional observatory.

Duties and Expectations:  The Director's duties include supervising 
the operation of the 3.5-m telescope at Apache Point Observatory, 
keeping its capabilities at the state of the art, allocating 
observatory resources including telescope time, and managing the 
3.5-m telescope's budget.  The Director works in close association 
with the Site Operations Manager and permanent site staff, 
representatives of the member ARC Universities, and the larger 
national community in order to meet the scientific needs of ARC 3.5-m 
telescope users.  S/he proposes initiatives, operating budgets and 
planning priorities to the BoG.  The Director has the responsibility 
and authority to assure smooth operations of the observatory on time 
scales ranging from months to years.
    The Director must be able to devote an average of ten hours per 
week to job-related tasks of various sorts.  Some travel and frequent 
phone meetings are required.  A formal list of job-related 
responsibilities is available on request.

Qualifications and skills: Applicants must be tenured faculty members 
of an ARC member university and a user of the 3.5-m telescope and its 
instruments.  Strong management and communication skills are 
extremely important, including working collegially with users, 
scientists and engineers.  The Director should have sufficient 
technical skills to  organize new projects or initiatives and 
adequate fiscal skills to take ultimate responsibility for the 
observatory's operations budget with staff support.  Skills in 
strategic planning and implementation (including the submission of 
proposals to funding agencies) are very useful.  Some of these skills 
can be learned on the job.  Explicit willingness to serve at least 
two terms is a plus.

Appointment process: The ARC BoG appoints the Director for three 
years starting at the end of 2004 (or before with mutual agreement). 
The position is renewable with the agreement of the BoG.  The 
position can be filled early in 2004 at the initial level of 
Associate Director so that continuity and training is assured for the 
observatory and the new director.

Application process: Formal applications must include a CV and a 
statement of qualifications, motivation for applying, short-term 
goals, and 5-10-year vision for the observatory.  Please direct 
inquiries and formal applications to 3.5-m Director Search Committee, 
c/o Bruce Balick, Astronomy Dept, Box 351580, U. Washington, Seattle 
98195; 206.543.7683.  Nominations of other qualified candidates are 
also welcome.
   There is no formal application deadline; however, applications 
received by 31 October 2003 will be considered by the BoG at its next 
meeting 24 November 2003.  Electronic submissions can be sent to

The Astrophysical Research Corporation assures and supports an equal 
opportunity for all applicants regardless of race, color, creed, 
religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital 
status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era 
..............................................................................  Ph:1.206.543.7683  Fx:1.206.685.0403  Address:
Astronomy Dept., Box 351580, Univ of Washington, Seattle WA 98195-1580 USA

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