Subject: Retirement Gift - Karen Loomis

From: Gretchen Van Doren

Submitted: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 12:35:00 -0700

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To:  All 3.5m Astronomers, Engineers and Support Staff

Karen Loomis has retired from APO to enjoy a more home- and
daytime-centered lifestyle.  Karen helped us grow the 3.5-m telescope and
instruments these past five years, and we would like to present her with a
photo of APO's site with signatures of those astromers, students, and staff
from the 3.5-m community who worked with Karen.  We are sending the framing
matte for this photo out to the institutions for signatures and good wishes.

Your institution's 3.5-m scheduler will receive the matte sometime during
the next 2 months and will make it available for your signatures.  Please
closely follow the instructions on the matte.

If you are not currently at an ARC member institution but would like to
send along your good wishes to Karen, please forward them either by e-mail
(, or postal mail (APO, POB 59, Sunspot, NM  88349),
and they will be placed in a keepsake binder and presented to Karen.

Here is an ordered list of schedulers, contacts and dates to find and sign
Karen's gift:

WSU:  J. Brown/J. Brown/ March 15 - March 20
UW:  D. Brownlee/Nicole Ragg/ March 22 - March 28
UC Campus:  D. York/Sandy Heinz/ March 30 - April 5
PU:  E. Turner/M. Strauss/ April 7 - April 13
JHU:  R. Wyse/R. Wyse/ April 17 - April 23
NMSU:  J. Holtzman, R. Walterbos/Cheryl Beer/ April 25 - May 2
FNL:  S. Kent/Luann O'Boyle/ May 4 - May 10
UC/Yerkes:  A. Harper/Cindy Sutherland/  May 12 - 18

We hope to have a retirement party for Karen sometime late May (we'll send
out an announcement) and will make the presentations at that time.

Thank you for participating in this effort.

Ed Turner and Bruce Gillespie

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