Subject: 3.5m Schedule on the WWW

From: elt@astro.Princeton.EDU

Submitted: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 16:48:00 -0400 (EDT)

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Please see the following URL:

Craig Loomis has written a code which accomplishes the remarkable (to me
at least) feat of transforming my rather free format and more-or-less
human readable "Preliminary Schedule" messages into a set of web pages
which display the 3.5m schedule in a variety of useful ways.  The
current 3Q1998 preliminary schedule is now available for your examination.
Note that you can look at calendar representations (by month), examine
individual programs (including a summary of all of their time) or nights,
look at the text of the TAC approved scheduling requests, etc.

Enhancements and modifications are planned, so I urge you to examine
these web pages and send us your suggestions and comments via the
email link provided.

The plan is to eventually replace the paper schedules which Gretchen has
so effectively maintained with a Web schedule that can be automatically
updated immediately whenever there is a schedule modification, but for
at least the remainder of this quarter and quite possibly longer, we will
maintain both paper and web versions.  The paper version should be regarded
as definitive and the web pages as experiemental (Beta Release) until
further notice.

Note that the full text of the *scheduling request* forwarded to me by
the institutional schedulers for each program is made completely public by
these web pages.  If the *observing time proposal* (which looks similar
to a scheduling request at some institutions but not others) contains
proprietary material which the PI desires to keep confidential, it is the
responsibility of the institution in question to remove this material
from the scheduling request.  Whatever you send me will end up on the web!

Many thanks to Craig for his efforts.  I expect that we will all find this
new tool extremely helpful; I know I will.

Ed Turner

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