Subject: 1Q1998 OPEN time assignments for APO 3.5m

From: elt@astro.Princeton.EDU

Submitted: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 14:58:56 -0500 (EST)

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Happy New Year!

Attached below are the assignments of 1Q1998 3.5m OPEN time and
switches based on requests received to date.  The changes are
fairly extensive, and I have listed both the old (preliminary)
version on the left and the new (revised) version on the right.
Only dates for which there is a change or for which OPEN time
remains are listed.

I believe that I was able to successfully make all requested
changes (though not necessarily giving first preferences) for
all but the following three programs:  DD01 (Chanover PI),
UC11 (York PI) and JH03 (Ford PI).  Conflicts were resolved
on a first come, first served basis with the exception of DD
time which was given lower priority than institutional requests.

PU04 (Strauss PI) needs to supply a standard observing template
asap (copies to me and to Gretchen).

Note that 1/12B, 2/9A&B, 3/6B, 3/8B, 3/11A&B and 3/18A&B remain
OPEN either because they were not requested or because they were
vacated by assigned programs for various reasons.  Please send
requests for these remaining 9 OPEN half nights to me ASAP.

Ed Turner


		   OLD				   NEW
		   ___				   ___
	1/5	A: (PU01)-OPEN		1/5	A: (PU01)-NM03
		B: OPEN-(UW05)			B: UC08-(UW05)
	1/6	A: UW10			1/6	A: UW10
		B: (UW04)-OPEN			B: (UW04)-UC08
	1/7	A: (PU01)-UW10		1/7	A: (PU01)-UW10
		B: (UW04)-UW10			B: (UW04)-WS01
	1/12	A: UC09			1/12	A: UC09	
		B: OPEN-(UW05)			B: OPEN-(UW05)
	1/13	A: (PU01)-OPEN		1/13	A: (PU01)-UW07
		B: UC01				B: UC01
	1/15	A: (PU01)-OPEN		1/15	A: (PU01)-UW10
		B: UC01				B: UC01
	1/18	A: (UW03)-UW11		1/18	A: (UW03)-UW11
		B: (UW04)-OPEN-(UW05)		B: (UW04)-WS01-(UW05)
	1/20	A: (UW03)-OPEN		1/20	A: (UW03)-PU04
		B: UC11-(PU01)			B: UC11-(PU01)
	2/9	A: WS01			2/9	A: OPEN
		B: WS01				B: OPEN
	2/10	A: NM09			2/10	A: NM09
		B: OPEN-(UW05)-(PU01)		B: UC08-(UW05)-(PU01)
	2/14	A: NM02			2/14	A: NM02
		B: OPEN-(PU01)			B: UC08-(PU01)
	2/19	A: JH03			2/19	A: JH03
		B: (PU01)-UC07			B: (PU01)-WS01
	2/20	A: (UC12*)-JH03		2/20	A: (UC12*)-JH03
		B: UC07				B: WS01
	3/6	A: (UW03)-OPEN-(UW04)	3/6	A: (UW03)-UW11-(UW04)
		B: (PU01)-OPEN-(UW05)		B: (PU01)-OPEN-(UW05)
	3/7	A: UC04			3/7	A: UC04
		B: OPEN				B: NM03
	3/8	A: UC04			3/8	A: UC04
		B: (PU01)-OPEN			B: (PU01)-OPEN
	3/11	A: (UW03)-OPEN-(PU01)	3/11	A: (UW03)-OPEN-(PU01)
		B: OPEN-(UW05)			B: OPEN-(UW05)
	3/14	A: (UW03)-OPEN-(UW04)	3/14	A: (UW03)-UC07-((UW04)
		B: UW08				B: UW08
	3/15	A: OPEN-(PU01)		3/15	A: UC07-(PU01)
		B: UC07				B: UC07
	3/18	A: WS01			3/18	A: OPEN
		B: WS01				B: OPEN
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