Subject: URGENT - 3.5m time next week

From: elt@astro.Princeton.EDU

Submitted: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 11:00:40 -0500 (EST)

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The four night engineering shutdown of the the 3.5m scheduled for next week
(1/21-24, inclusive) is canceled.  The work planned for this shutdown has
either already been accomplished during the extended shutdown which ended
last night or cannot be undertaken as planned because preparatory work was
disrupted by the unanticipated extension of that shutdown.

Thus, 8 half nights of bright time are newly available for science programs
starting on Tuesday, 21 Jan.  However, this time will NOT be allocated via
our usual procedures for OPEN time due to the short period available.  Rather,
I have already allocated these half nights on an institutional basis via a
random lottery (with "entries" proportional to the standard institutional
fractional shares).  These allocations are shown below.

	1/21	A: NM		B: UW

	1/22	A: UC		B: JH

	1/23	A: UC		B: PU

	1/24	A: NM		B: UW

The scheduler for each concerned institution should email Bruce, Gretchen
and me ASAP to specify which existing or new program will use the time
assigned to their institution.  Individual users/PIs should not contact
me or the site directly about this time, if possible, but should work 
through their scheduler.  Nevertheless, this message is being posted to
apo35-general to get the word out as fast as possible.

This newly released time will be accounted as EN time, not charged to
institutions, so there is no "penalty" for making less than optimal
use (due to short notice) of the time.

If a new (not already included in the 1Q1997 schedule) program is assigned
this time, the scheduler should supply its description on the standard

If a scheduler is unavailable during the immediate future, I suggest that
the TAC designate someone else to handle this task.  User's committee
members, to whom this message is copied, might take responsibility in
absence of the usual scheduler.

Ed Turner
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