Subject: NOAO ReSTAR Committee Survey

From: Suzanne Hawley

Submitted: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:29:42 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear ARC 3.5m Telescope users:

We have been discussing the possible formation and funding possibilities
of a US mid-sized telescope system in the 3.5m users committee for the
past several months.  The goal of the ReSTAR committee described below is
to provide the NSF with science justification for supporting small-mid
sized telescopes (ie 1m-5m aperture) in the next decade.  Depending on
future instrumentation needs, new partners, etc., the 3.5m Telescope
community may well want to take advantage of federal funding opportunities
for instrumentation and operations support.  Therefore, I urge you to
visit the ReSTAR website listed below, and to fill in the web form
describing your mid-sized telescope science programs.

I serve as a liason to the ReSTAR committee from ACCORD (AURA Coordinating
Council of Observatory Research Directors), and am happy to discuss and
bring forward particular issues from the 3.5m community.  Feel free to
contact me directly, as well as filling out the web form.

Suzanne Hawley
Director, ARC 3.5m Telescope
Apache Point Observatory


Dear Colleague,

The NSF Senior Review underscored the community's strong
desire to maintain or increase access to small and mid-sized
telescopes.  NOAO and NSF are working to apply significant
resources to realize this goal, but first, we need to understand
what scientific capabilities are desired and how much of each.
The ReSTAR (Renewing Small Telescopes for Astronomical
Research) committee has been charged to answer those questions,
and seeks your advice on ground-based optical and infrared
facilities needed now and in the future.

This email is soliciting your input.  Please look at the committee's
website ( and read the
background material. Discuss the issues related to the use of
small and mid-sized telescopes, many of which are identified in
the committee's meeting notes, with colleagues.  Use the web form
to tell us what types of instruments and observing modes will be
most important for your research.  Your input will guide the
evolution of NOAO's program and the investment of NSF resources.

Thank you,

Todd Boroson, NOAO Director
Caty Pilachowski, Chair, ReSTAR committee

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