Subject: AS2 Steering Committee

From: Ed Turner

Submitted: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:18:16 -0500 (EST)

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Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that, following the process described in my 6 Jan 
message entitled "Situation and Plans for Initial AS2 Management & 
Organization", the small group (S. Hawley, R. Kron, S. Tremaine and 
myself, supported heavily by B. Gillespie) appointed by the ARC BoG to put 
in place an initial management structure for the AS2 project have asked 
the following group of people

Tim Beers (MSU), SSS
Holland Ford (JHU), ASEPS
Richard Kron (UC/FNL), ARC
Robert O'Connell (UVA), APOGEE
Natalie Roe (LBL), LSS/BAO

to serve as the Steering Committee (SC) for the AS2 project and all have 
agreed to do so.  This is wonderful and very encouraging news for the project 
in our opinion.  We will shortly ask the ARC BoG to appoint the SC by a 
formal resolution, but based on the Board's actions at its Nov 2006 annual 
meeting, the SC can begin to function immediately.

We now consider that the assignment given to us by the Board to be 
accomplished and that our group is thus dissolved.

The nature and functions of the SC are described in a "blurb" at the end 
of my 6 Jan email mentioned above, but some salient points (in no 
particular order) are given below for further clarification:

- The SC should elect its own chair, asap presumably.

- The SC can augment its memebership as it deems desirable.  Any such
  additions should be transmited to the Board for approval by informing 

- The SC has 3 primary responsibilities:
  + It will provide management oversight and policy guidance to the AS2
    Director, and he will report to the ARC BoG through the SC.
  + It will lead and guide the AS2 fund raising efforts, with respect
    to private foundations and federal agencies as well as through the
    addition of institutional partners with well defined contributions
    and consequent benefits and rights.
  + It will develop and replace itself with a new committee on which
    representation is associated with institutional stake holders, analogous 
    to the SDSS Advisory Councils, rather than survey team representation
    as soon as practical and no later than the commencement of AS2
    operations at APO.

Very many people within the broad ARC, SDSS and AS2 communities have 
contributed greatly to our efforts to get this effort underway; we very 
much appreciate the participation and patience of all in the somewhat 
chaotic process.  Although the work has clearly only barely begun, I feel 
that we have made a good start and that there is considerable reason for 

Best wishes,

Ed Turner
ARC BoG Chair
and for S. Hawley, R. Kron, S. Tremaine and B. Gillespie

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