Subject: New version of DOP


Submitted: Sat, 9 Mar 96 13:39:48 -0600

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There's now a new version of DOP (the Dsc Observing Program): v3_5
for use with the DSC camera on fnstar.

The startup procedure has been simplified somewhat.

The 'tk' status windows are [optionally] replaced by text 
messages (for remote observing without tk-slow-network delay).

The dsc-mc interface is somewhat improved, including a mechanism
for controlling the dsc via a command sent from the mc.
And status from the dsc now echos back to the mc.

To run this latest version, log onto fnstar as user dsc,

fnstar% setenv DISPLAY mydisplay.x.y:0
		(still need to set to a legit display, even if tk isn't used)

fnstar% setup dop

fnstar% dop

	(normally not used unless you wish a tk window at the site)

Normal startup procedure? [y]:

		(the normal procedure connects to the mc and to the dsc camera)

		(for biases/darks or for testing mode, 
		one may say no to  the normal procedure 
		and just connect to the camera instead)

dop> getTemp
dop> Cam Status: Temperature is 179.7
dop> goDark 1
Cam Status: Exposure time set to 1 seconds
Cam Status: Clearing CCD; Please Wait
Cam Status: Shutter closed for this image
Cam Status: Dark Integration in Progress
Cam Status: Reading out chip 19:17:04 UT
Cam Status: Frame available in /data/fnstar1/dscdata/mar9

The "Cam Status: <text>" messages replace what used to go to the 
	tk cam msg window.

To control the dsc from the mc, start up a 'mcnode' window on tycho and
send a dsc command prefixed with dsc as in:

2 MC>dsc getTemp
0 -4 i dsctxt="DONE"

0 -4 i dsctxt="Temperature is 179.2"
3 MC>dsc goStare 1 myImage
0 -4 i dsctxt="Exposure time set to 1 seconds"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Clearing CCD Please Wait"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Beginning Exposure"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Opening shutter for 1 seconds"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Shutter closed"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Reading out chip 19:36:47 UT"
0 -4 i dsctxt="Frame available in /data/fnstar1/dscdata/mar9"
0 -4 i dsctxt="DONE"

The ddConfig-<version>.par (ccd config modes, number of rows/cols/binning/bias/overscan, etc) of ddReport-MJDXX.par (one line per exposure, giving exptime,
ra, dec, etc) files have changed formats slightly to
be made compliant with the data model, for ease of data reduction.

The 'dop' executable shell is linked to tcldp, mt, astrotools, and shiva,
and has access to those routines.

There is now only one copy of the 'dscoacimg' shell run to control the camera.
If a 'mc' (TCshell) is run, it's run as another copy of the dop shell
not the dscoacimg shell.

Over the next couple of weeks additional changes will be made to dop 
(and mop).

The documentation has been updated, but a link needs to be made betweeen
the apo home page doc for dop/dsc and the /p/dop/v3_5/doc/www/dop.home.html


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