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  The SLIP connection to Apache Point has been up and running for a
while now.  I have been using it from home quite successfully.  The
link is a bit slow still due to other network problems at APO which I
am still looking into.

  For those of you who know what you are doing the relevant information

  phone (505)437-6149
  modem:  up to V.34 with MNP5
  address:  (server will respond with the address so you
                           can use server addressing)


  I have a short write up on setting up Versaterm and Interslip
drivers on the Macintosh for those who need it.  It is enclosed at the
end of this message.

		Jim Fowler

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James R. Fowler
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                   Swimming the Internet from Home
             Setting up SLIP connections on a Macintosh

                                         James R. Fowler      5 July 1995

  So, you are sitting at home in your favorite recliner having a beer
and you decide you want to go netsurfing.  Your Macintosh is just
sitting there doing nothing except allowing fish or toasters to swim
across the screen.  You figure there must be some way to get your fish
to swim on the Internet rather than your wading pool.  Well there is;
all you need is a telephone line and a SLIP connection to get you into
the water.

  In this write up I am assuming the following configuration:

   A Macintosh of some sort, the faster the better.  (If you have
   PowerPC Mac however some of these things change.)
   Mac OS 7.1.1 or 7.5 (preferred)
   MacTCP 2.0.4 or 2.0.6 (preferred)
   A slip driver.  The only ones I know of at this time are:
    Interslip: available for anonymous ftp at
        as /InterCon/sales/Mac/Demo_Software/InterSLIPInstaller1.0.1.hqx.
	Remark hangs up on startup but Telnet, FTP, and Mosaic work
	properly.  I have had a number of reports that this version
	is more buggy than the VersaSLIP driver.
    VersaSLIP:  Part of the Versatilies package from Synergy Software.
        This package costs real money but only $50 with educational discounts.
        Remark, Telnet, FTP, and Mosaic all work with it.

   A modem; either V.42 or V.34 with MNP5 error correcting. The V.34 protocol
       supports faster connections.
   A telephone line.  Call your local phone company.  I can't help you with
       this one.

Quick Setup:

  If you already have things configured then the following steps will
get you connected.

  1. Reconfigure MacTCP and reboot if MacTCP is not already configured.
  2. Open the appropriate administrative panel; either InterSLIP Setup
     or Versa AdminSLIP.
  3. Select the appropriate SLIP configuration.
  4. Click the Connect button.
  5. Hopefully your connection will be made.
  6. You can close the admin panel or leave it in the background.


  Before you actually jump in the water you will need to configure the
modem and the SLIP drivers.  The modem needs to be setup to pass
binary data through while the SLIP drivers need to be told who to call
and how to negotiate the session.

                Configuring the Modem.

  In order to do SLIP a modem needs to be set up to pass binary data
and to do hardware flow control.  This is different from the usual
factory default settings which expect to use software (Xon/Xoff) flow
control and to only pass ascii characters.

  I assume that your modem uses a Hayes compatible command set.  Note
however, that many modem manufacturers add or change features of the
command set.  Your modem may be different than the one I am use to.
If you have problems please give me a call.

  Set guard off             ATS2=128 AT&G0
  Set hardware flow control ATS58=2
  Turn off modem responses  ATQ0   (not critical)
  Use autobaud on RS232     ATS51=252  (modem dependent)

                Configuring the SLIP drivers.


  Install InterSLIP in accordance with the documentation supplied.
Follow the directions for configuring InterSLIP.  Note that there
appears to be a conflict if both InterSLIP and VersaSLIP are both

  To connect to Apache Point you will need to set the following

  Serial Port:  modem  (or printer; your preference)
  Baud Rate:    38400  (if you modem supports it otherwise lower.)
  Databits:         8
  Stop Bits:        1
  Parity:        none

  Hardware Handshaking:  YES
  Speaker on while dialing:  YES  (unless you hate listening to modem noise.
                                   I like to here the session being setup.)

  Dial Script:   Hayes Compatible
  Dial:          Tone (or pulse; depends on your phone line.)
  Phone number   15054376149
  Modem Init:    What ever you like.  You can have your modem switch between
                 a binary SLIP connection and an ASCII terminal connection
                 by resetting the modem every time you make a connection.
                 Call me or your local guru if you want more help.

  Gateway: Direct Connection  ( I don't have any login or password set.)

  IP address:
  RFC 1144 Compression:  NO  (not supported yet)

  MTU Size:  1500


  Install VersaSLIP in accordance with the documentation supplied.
Follow the directions for configuring VersaSLIP.  Note that there
appears to be a conflict if both InterSLIP and VersaSLIP are both

  To connect to Apache Point you will need to set the following
    Configuration Dialog:

    Label:  what ever you like.
    Phone Number:  15054376149

    Baud Rate:  38400 (or the highest speed your modem will support)
    Handshake:  RTS & CTS
    Type:  Modem

    Terminal after Connection:  NO  (unless you need to debug the connection)

    IP address:  supplied by MacTCP, should be
    Net Mask:

    Bits/Parity:  8 bits/None
    Idle Timeout: None
    IP MTU:  1500


                      Configuring MacTCP.

  Before make the actual phone call you need to set up MacTCP with the
control panel.  This sets the higher level network parameters.

  If you are calling Apache Point you need to set the following options:

    Select the InterSLIP or VersaSLIP driver.
    Select MORE
    Set the Obtain Address to Server
    Set the Gateway address to
    Set the Subnet Mask to
    Set the Domain Name Server to


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